Anodizing Process

The “Anodizing Process” is the actual movement of the aluminum from racking through the chemical cycles to quality control and packaging. When done properly the “Anodizing Process” will produce the desired finish, colour and anodic film properties on an aluminum substrate. For the “Anodizing Process” to be done properly it is often necessary to train or retrain employees, have the process reviewed or have the finish quality checked. At NTS – Northern Technical Solutions we provide these services.


  • Full service laboratory to analyze chemicals and finished products.
  • Pilot line for development and testing.
  • Access to analytical lab for more involved analysis.
  • In-line product and process evaluation.
  • On-site training seminars are available.
  • Personal instruction is available at NTS laboratory.

Line Survery

As the costs of production and environmental issues escalate, it is advisable to have an independent review of your operation. NTS – Northern Technical Solutions technical staff are available to conduct a Line Survey. A concise report on deficiencies and ways to improve productivity will be provided.

Line Design

If you are building a new anodizing line or remodeling an existing facility, give us a call.

At NTS – Northern Technical Solutions we have over 80 years of combined experience in the anodizing and metal finishing industry. This experience may provide some innovative ideas that may save you money and time.


  • NTS has strategically located facilities across Canada.
  • Calgary – Alberta
  • Drummondville – Quebec
  • Guelph – Ontario, NTS, Sodrox office and manufacturing units.


Liquid products are available in sizes convenient for your operation:

  • 1000 liter totes
  • 200 liter plastic drums
  • 20 liter carboys
  • “Totes and drums are recyclable”

Norsol products are supplied in white opaque containers. This allows the user better control of inventory as the level is visible.

For bulk deliveries of commodities or blended products in Ontario, Quebec, Central & North Eastern USA contact: Sodrox Chemicals Ltd. Inquire about their innovative IBD systems. (Intermediate Bulk Deliveries)