Norsol Products

Alkaline Cleaners:

Norsol Cleaner NPC Liquid:  Alkaline, Light duty, non- phosphate,low foam, dispersant cleaner. Especially suited for architectural lines where soils are light and in situations where phosphates are not favorable.

Norsol Cleaner L405:  Liquid alkaline, heavily built, low foam, dispersant cleaner, for organic and synthetic soils. Especially useful for cleaning machined parts with small blind holes.

Norsol Coil Cleaner:  Liquid surfactant based cleaner, developed for coil cleaning. Has a slight etching ability to remove rolled in oils. Product can be applied by spray, flooding or immersion.

Norsol Cleaner Boost:  The surfactant package can be slowly used up in the NPC, NFO, L405, and Coil Cleaner bath. The surfactant can be replaced with Norsol Cleaner Boost extending the life of the cleaner.

Norsol Cleaner AI:  Liquid Alkaline, non-etching, emulsions soak cleaner, formulated for heavy soil loading. Well suited for cleaning on bright dip lines.

Acid Cleaners:

Norsol Acid Cleaner:  Phosphoric acid based, emulsion cleaner used on bright dip lines as extra cleaner and preparation step.

Norsol Cleaner Boost:  A very effective dispersion, acid cleaner can be formulated with 4% phosphoric acid plus the addition of 0.3% Norsol Cleaner Boost.

Alkaline Etchants:

Aluminetch: Is an aggressive blended etchant for architectural extrusions providing a very matte finish.

Norsol Satin Etch Additive:  Highly chelated etch additive with a built in fume suppressant for long life etch baths, providing a fine matte finish.

Norsol Smooth Etch:  Is a blend of Norsol Satin Etch and 50% caustic soda at the proper ratio for ease of use.

Norsol Etch FS Liquid:  Fume suppressant for caustic etchbaths forming an foam blanket over the surface of the etch tank.

Acid Etchants:

Norsol Acid Etch:  A moderately acidic blend of ammonium bi-fluoride and an etch modifier producing a high quality low gloss finish on low quality aluminum.


Norsol Deox:  Proprietary acid blend with Iron and fluoride for general purpose deoxidizing.

Norsol Deox Additive:  Additive to increase the copper holding capabilities of a nitric acid deox. Recommended for use when high copper bright dip are used.

Norsol Deox RM: A non-Fluoride higher acidity deox for remelt products and products from high Aluminum content etches.

Norsol Coilox:  Stabilized liquid peroxide, formulated for coil operations or where conventional iron and fluoride based deoxidizers are undesirable.

Anodizing Additives:

Norsol Anoadd:  Extremely versatile additive for anodizing baths, used properly can increase productivity, improve quality, and lower costs.

Norsol Mist Control:  Low foaming fume control for anodizing baths.

Electrolytic Colouring:

Norsol Colour SN:  Is liquid stannous sulfate blended with an organic stabilization package giving superior colouring capabilities and bath life.


Norsol AS liquid:  Convenient blend of Nickel acetate and dispersant used as a pre-seal or a final seal. Anodic coatings sealed in accordance with recommended practices will meet or exceed the requirements of the following ASTM Test Methods: B136, C117, & B680.

Norsol MT Seal: Nickel acetate mid temperature seal useful for sealing dye applications.

Norsol CS Liquid: Nickel fluoride cold seal for long life economical sealing. Designed with higher pH make-up so there are less pH adjustments.

Norsol NN Seal: Liquid mid-temperature seal. Environmentally friendly, fast seal and especially suited for architectural applications.

Norsol Seal Boost: Surfactant package for Mid temperature seals, used to boost their performance.

Anodizing Aids:

Norsol dye Buffer:  Buffering Additive for aluminum dyes, pH adjusted to 5.5 for ease of use.

Norsol Benzotriazole:  Anti pitting agent for Chemical Bright dips.

Norchex:  Extremely effective powdered defoamer.

Norfloc:  Fast acting anionic polymer for removing solids from waste water steams.

Specialty Products:

Norsol Rust converter:  Is a pre-paint treatment for rusted iron and steel, converting rust into a corrosion resistant coating that provides excellent adhesion of paint.

Norsol Lofer ASG:  Acidic liquid cleaner us d for removal of rust, scale and oxides as well as oil and grease from ferrous surfaces prior to painting.

Norsol CC: Liquid Hexavalent Chrome conversion coating.

Norsol CP: Chrome Phosphate paint pretreatment.

SurTec 650: Liquid Trivalent Chrome conversion coating.

Clariant Anodal Products

Electrolytic Coloring:

Anodal S2: Liquid blend of stabilizer and throwing power additives for superior electrolytic coloring.


Anodal CS-2N:  Powdered cold seal for long life economical sealing.

Anodal SH-1:  Anti-smutting agent for boiling water seals.

Anodal AS powder:  Blend of nickel acetate and dispersants, useful as a pre-seal for dyes and as a final seal.

Anodizing Aids:

Anodal PTFE:  A highly concentrated polytetrafluoroethylene dispersion that is used following hard anodizing to produce abrasion resistant oxide coatings that exhibit high lubricity.

Ekaline F:  A versatile fume suppressant can be used where hydrogen gases are evolved such as anodizing, caustic etching and acid etching. If forms a foam on the surface entrapping the gases. It also has the property of suspending contaminants that can then be easily removed.


Sanodal dyes:  A range of organic dyes that are UV stable and can be used for exterior architectural finishes as long as the Sandalor dying system is used.

Sanodure Dyes:  A wide range of heavy metal containing organic dyes. Used for decorative interior coloring purposes.

Sanodyes:  A range of metal free organic dyes.